Michelle Huston & Mark Kearns


Michelle Huston and Mark Kearns have worked in a successful partnership for eight years.  Over this time they have honed their individual strengths to form a dynamic team that can achieve desired outcomes.  Together they provide an outstanding service to their clients and take pride in how they conduct all transactions. 

Michelle brings a reputation for being energetic, trustworthy, and ethical to the partnership. With Mark contributing honesty, innovation, and diplomacy to further enhance the personal skill set of the team.  Mark and Michelle have an ability to operate seamlessly to provide the dedication and attention that benefits both the buyer and the seller of any property.

When dealing with the team of Michelle and Mark you will given the respect of open and honest communication coupled with compassion, understanding, and patience.  All key contributors to negotiating positive final results for everybody.

Michelle and Mark are a team who achieve standards that many can only dream about.